32+ Protest Tips
. People across the world are marching in protest of the killings of george floyd, breonna taylor in the following tips, experts explain how you can avoid losing your footing, and how to minimize harm if. Police brutality is an abstract concept.

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Kids should know why it's important to you and why they want to participate. Peaceful protest is an american right: Protesting has the power to bring about transformative change.

Do not park your car/bike close to the protest site to prevent police from scanning your license plate or damaging your bike/car.

Please know that most protests do not put you in physical danger and that the vast majority of people who show up are just ordinary folks like you and me. It's unlikely, but a police officer could force you to use your fingerprint to unlock your phone. Wear a face covering wear eye protection to prevent injury stay hydrated use hand sanitizer don't yell; 11 tips for safely attending peaceful protests.

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