42+ Types Of Liberalism
. Liberalism, political doctrine that takes protecting and enhancing individual freedom to be the central problem of politics. Liberalism includes a broad spectrum of political philosophies that consider individual liberty to be the most important political goal, and emphasize individual rights and equality of opportunity.

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This video examines the different types of liberalism: Liberalism rejected many foundational assumptions which dominated most earlier theories of government, such as the divine right of kings, hereditary status, and established religion. Classical liberalism view of freedom view of the state differences negative freedom (free from) government interference to rule yourselves according to what.

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Liberals typically believe that government is necessary to protect individuals from. Liberalism is not a 'utopian' theory describing a dream world as it was once accused of being. Assessment | biopsychology | comparative | cognitive | developmental | language | individual differences | personality | philosophy | social | methods | statistics | clinical | educational | industrial | professional items | world psychology |. Liberalism is the political ideology of liberty and equality, where classical liberalism emphasizes understanding political liberalism in its classical, social, and economic forms:

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