47+ Freestyle Freedom Lite Test Strips
. Tiny sample of 0.3 µl allows you to test with shallowest depth setting on your lancing device. Fast five second* test time.

Blood Glucose Monitor
Blood Glucose Monitor from i.pinimg.com

Use only freestyle lite test strips and freestyle control solution with this meter. 50x freestyle optium xceed lite freedom blood glucose test strip +50x lance xu4a. Discounts of up to 25% for practitioners or general practice centers.

The freestyle freedom lite® blood glucose monitoring system is intended for use in the quantitative measurement of glucose in capillary whole blood from the finger, upper arm and palm and venous whole blood.

If you push the light button on the freestyle lite®, a backlight comes on to backlight the display. How do you use freestyle freedom? Our patented zipwik tabs break the surface of the blood sample for instant wicking action. Four programmable alarms, do not let any measurement forget.

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