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. The crowd has blocked the intersection for several hours. Are you planning on joining protests at the g7 summit?

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The crowd has blocked the intersection for several hours. If we added up all those protests during that period, we're talking about hundreds of thousands of people, but not millions, she said. They update the site nightly with the most current protest data.

Defense officials are expressing concerns about the military being used for political purposes amid national protests against we are not in one of those situations now, he said.

Overall, these protests are focusing on black lives matter, racial injustice in the criminal justice system and countering systemic racism in society at large. Are markets telling us something which we cannot figure out today? we wanted to turn that protest activity into something that could be used to make a larger point we are not as different or divided as is often portrayed in the national media, says perkins. A subreddit focused on us politics, and the ridiculousness surrounding them.

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