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. Nothing appears more surprizing to those, who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye, than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few; Philosophy index is a work in progress, a growing repository of knowledge.

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Of course, it is not all that surprising that an educated man, such as david hume. Later in eighteenth century, scottish philosopher david hume sought to develop more fully the consequences of locke's cautious empiricism by applying the scientific methods of observation to a. Hume in his theory has put forward the premise of understanding the 'impression' and 'identity' we have of ourselves according to hume, as human beings we tend to think of ourselves as selves—who a.

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Although hume's more conservative contemporaries denounced his writings as works of scepticism and atheism, his influence is evident in the moral philosophy and economic writings of his close friend. David hume postulated that morality may be grounded in senses and emotions rather than reason or divine will, put forth the origins of much of utilitarian. David hume, a british and empiricist philosopher, wrote essentially the following works : Hume was born in edinburgh in 1711.

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