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. Kate brown activated the oregon national guard to help police protests in portland early • brown had said she might send in oregon national guard members to respond to potential unrest after the. There have been nightly protests against police brutality in portland since the killing of george floyd.

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Protesters were fired with tear gas during a rally outside the ice building in portland oregon: The oregon state police declared the protest, which included dozens of people, an unlawful assembly, and officers fired pepper balls to drive the crowds away from the capitol in salem. Portland, oregon has an extended history of street activism and has seen many notable protests.

Starting in may 2020, demonstrations over the police killing of george floyd have been held in the city of portland, oregon, concurrent with protests in other cities in the united states and around the world.

The incident was captured in dramatic video, as antifa. Armed occupiers of an eastern oregon wildlife refuge say federal control of western lands is unconstitutional, and they're seeking a hearing on the treatment of one local ranching family. Protesters in portland and seattle smashed windows and graffitied buildings on wednesday, including the oregon democratic party headquarters and ice offices. George floyd protests in oregon.

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