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. Martin luther king junior plaza for the second day in a row. This stockton protest was an isolated incident.for now.

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Surprise, surprise, a protest against gun violence by students turned violent in stockton, california on february 23. But, given the history of the stockton area, i anticipate more progerssive protest antics will ensue. Stockton police are searching for the suspects in a vicious attack that happened on friday against police say two caucasian girls left a local restaurant and passed by the protest when they were.

At around noon on wednesday, people are gathering in stockton in the park right across.

Protesters took their message directly to stockton police. A protest attended by a surprisingly large number of people culminated with demonstrators converging on the streets and grounds of hong kong's legislative council. This stockton protest was an isolated incident.for now. Steven lopez, 46, was arrested for allegedly disturbing the peace after he challenged pro.

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