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. Frank grillocarmen ejogozach gilfordkiele sanchezzoë souljustina machadojohn beasleyjack conleynoel gugliemicastulo guerramichael kenneth williamsedwin hodgelakeith stanfield. 2:35 bestofsoundtrack 57 371 просмотр.

Purge Anarchy
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The purge is a night where all crime is legal and all hospitals, fire stations, poison control centers and police stations in the united states are closed down for 12 hours. Dystopian action horror movie and the second film in the purge franchise which creates a wider scope of what happens on the annual day in the los angeles area. The cast is game, but the characters are thinly unmemorable.

A sequel to 2013's the purge and the second installment in the purge franchise, the film stars frank grillo, carmen ejogo, zach gilford, kiele sanchez, and michael k.

The sequel shows how life is. 2:35 bestofsoundtrack 57 371 просмотр. Anarchy follows a group of hapless stragglers as they look for safe haven on purge night. Anarchy takes the idea that was introduced in 2013's the purge and rips the roof off of it.

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